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Daehyun being corny ft. a dying yongguk

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2NE1 for NYLON

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My dad had lymphoma cancer ever since I was in Battle Shinhwa. My family didn’t want me to worry about it so they didn’t tell me. Because of the audition program and the training afterwards, I didn’t pay any attention to my family affairs so I didn’t know.

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"BE THE ONE, ALL FOR ONE. We will do our best to reach our dreams."

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I want nothing but more of you

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get to know me meme → 1/5 favourite female groups
2 N E 1
 ↳ “There is no such thing as the ’2NE1 style.’ We’re not a group that will stick to one color. Predictability and normalcy; it’s all so boring, isn’t it? We will never stop reinventing ourselves; we’ll always be the group with no boundaries, no limits and no answers." -CL

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